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Early Childhood Program


We believe that our program and services offer developmentally appropriate curricula and we strive to enhance social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth in young children. Experiential learning is promoted throughout our program.

Our teachers encourage children to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills in their daily experiences.

A core segment of our educational philosophy is a focus on social-emotional development. Our goal is that our students become confident, competent, and caring members of their communities. Students are taught the foundations of problem solving, negotiation, and working both independently and cooperatively.

Our program fosters curiosity, creativity, and self-esteem by taking into account children’s abilities and interests. Play is an essential component of our program. We empower children to build confidence, competence, and character.

Each child learns in different ways, at different paces, using different approaches.

A positive self-concept develops in children who can fulfill their goals, accomplish tasks on their own, cooperate with peers and receive positive feelings from others. Our program fosters independence, cooperative play, and positive interaction.

Children can grow when they feel comfortable and confident. To maintain an atmosphere where children feel comfortable and confident, we use constructive guidance and positive reinforcement.

Our program supports open communication with parents. We view parents and teachers as partners. We believe that parents should be active participants in their child’s education. Parents and teachers share a common priority, providing the best that they possibly can for the child.




These three traits serve people well in life.  Our program believes that these behaviors are hallmarks of productive individuals.  Our students and their peers are taught by special people – their teachers whose interactions are permeated by these qualities.

We look forward to a year of positive growth and development for each and every one of our students and their families.

Morah Rivka Dear

ECP Director