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CTA Tuition and Affordability

We recognize that paying full tuition is a financial challenge for many families, therefore, we provide generous tuition assistance to ensure every family can afford a CTA education. Our commitment to financial aid is a core value. 

Our tuition rates reflect the actual cost of educating your children. We are able to subsidize tuition assistance for our eligible families through fundraising - mostly through EITC/OSTC donations, a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania program where donors give to a scholarship fund then receive PA tax credits.  Click here for more information on how to participate as a donor or for information about the program.  Tuition assistance for families that are not eligible for EITC or OSTC scholarship is covered through fundraising.

We offer two programs through which families can apply:

  1. Short Form - our program for higher-income families that is streamlined but limited in award amount and appeals.
  2. FACTS - Financial Aid. For all other financial aid applicants. FACTS is a third-party system that collects financial information and analyzes it to determine scholarship awards.

Financial and other information is kept confidential and reviewed by an anonymous Scholarship Committee. The process and detail for these programs are outlined below.  We also expect that any scholarship recipients through either program whose PA tax liability is high enough, will participate in the EITC/OSTC program.

  • Early Childhood, 3Y/4Y: $13,700
  • Kindergarten-5th grade: $17,900
  • Middle School, 6th-8th grades: $19,900

Additional charges

  • $1,500 per FAMILY capital assessment fee (for families with students in grades 1-8)
Additional Discounts
  • Sibling Discount for CTA-enrolled students 3Y-Grade 8
    • 3 students $1,950
    • 4 students $3,600
    • 5 students $5,500
    • 6 or more students $7,000
  • Staff Discount for staff member children
  • 2% Prepayment discount for families who prepay tuition (non-scholarship families only)

While every family’s needs are different, a key factor in determining scholarship amount is AGI - or the Adjusted Gross Income from the federal tax return, Form 1040. Other factors the Scholarship Committee uses include family size, expenses, unearned income, and children in Jewish High Schools. 

Below is the percent of full tuition  a family might expect to pay if they fall into these income bands: 

AGI Range

Tuition Cap (as a percentage of AGI)*

< $150,000

Determined by Scholarship Committee









$251,000 >

Determined by Scholarship Committee

or Short Form for Higher Income earners

* Eligibility exceptions include those who file Schedules C and E as part of the tax return (self-employment income), those that collect housing allowances, and those with total assets over $1,000,000.

FACTS portal - Financial Aid

This portal must be completed by all financial aid applicants, regardless of whether or not you qualify for EITC or OSTC funding, unless you are applying through the Short Form.  To access the FACTS online application, please CLICK HERE. You will need to upload your 2023 W2 or 1099, your 2023 1040 tax form, and any other supporting tax schedules. The deadline for existing families to submit an application has passed. Scholarships for applications by existing families received after that date are limited by the availability of funds. Families of newly admitted students must contact the Business Office at [email protected].


Short Form

For higher-income families seeking financial assistance who may not otherwise qualify for traditional financial aid through the FACTS process.  To be eligible for Short Form financial aid: (1) your total annual tuition obligation to CTA and to local Jewish high schools (after any scholarship) must be greater than 10% of your Adjusted Gross Income, and (2) your liquid assets should not exceed $300,000.  The aid is based on a calculation therefore there is no option for appeal. Click HERE for the application and documentation requirements. The deadline to apply is April 16, 2024.  Scholarships for applications received after this date are limited to the availability of funds. 


For more information, please contact Mrs. Sharon Joshowitz, Business Manager, at [email protected].