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Financial Aid

For many parents, paying day school tuition is a financial challenge. For that reason, we urge parents who feel that full tuition is beyond their means to apply for financial assistance. In these challenging times, Caskey Torah Academy deeply believes that financial aid is an essential expression of our values and critical for our families whose circumstances require such assistance.


Caskey Torah Academy believes that every Jewish Child deserves a Torah education. During the 2021-2022 school year, Caskey Torah Academy awarded over $2,500,000 in financial aid.


We are committed to working with every family to ensure that their needs are met. All financial matters are held in the strictest confidence. The scholarship program is overseen by the School’s Financial Aid Committee.


For families whose AGI is above $325,000 seeking financial assistance,  Caskey Torah Academy does not have a maximum limit for AGI in the scholarship process. Families in this category (absent of special circumstances) may participate in the short form financial aid program which provides a tuition discount between 10% – 20%.  The “Short Form” is a more streamlined application process than the traditional financial aid process through FACTS.  To be eligible for Short Form financial aid: (1) your total annual tuition obligation to CTA (excluding registration fees) and to local Jewish high schools must be greater than 10% of your Adjusted Gross Income, and (2) your liquid assets should not exceed $250,000.


For more information or for questions, please email [email protected].