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Message from our Head of School

Welcome to Caskey Torah Academy!

Caskey Torah Academy has been the backbone of Torah Education in Greater Philadelphia for over 50 years. Our success is based on the belief that we must spark each child’s intellectual curiosity and give voice to their unique abilities – all the while inspiring them to be passionate about Torah learning and Torah living. Every day, we ensure that our children have the skills and knowledge to succeed as Orthodox Jews thriving in today’s complex society. Torah Academy has a long tradition of preparing students for both Yeshiva and college and for full participation in the Torah and secular world as well as many who have gone on to become committed activists in the Jewish Community.

Our school believes deeply in each student’s development as an individual. Committed to becoming the best school possible, we are driven by the question: What will best promote student growth and learning, growth as a person, a well-rounded mentsch and learning that will set the stage for each child to reach the greatest academic and professional success possible?

Derech Eretz, building fine character, is not just a component of our curriculum – it is our curriculum. Every lesson is infused with the message that success is not just defined by academic grades, but by how we score as respectful and compassionate citizens.

I encourage you to look at our entire website to learn about the Caskey Torah Academy community. In it, you will see the depth of our curriculum, the scope of our art, music, physical education and extracurricular programming as well as the broad reach of our academic services that support all learners.

I am certain that by browsing our photos and videos, you will get a flavor of the excitement inherent in our school. However, I will caution you – you can’t get the full dose of Caskey Torah Academy warmth and excitement unless you schedule a visit, so I encourage you to CLICK HERE so that we can welcome you and give you a live tour!



Rabbi Isaac Entin