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Enrichment Programs
Caskey Torah Academy of Greater Philadelphia is pleased to announce the launch of our new enrichment program!

Our program is modeled after Joseph Renzulli’s Schoolwide Enrichment Model, which supports a broadened conception of giftedness.  This model is rooted in the fundamental beliefs that student achievement is highest when students are engaged and excited about their work and that students are most engaged and enthusiastic about learning when they are interested in their area of study, when they are actively involved in choosing the learning materials and projects, and when their projects and investigations are connected to the world around them.

Two of our exciting initiatives within this new program are Enrichment Clusters for primary grades and Discovery Lunches for grades 1-8.

Enrichment Clusters

Each of our primary grade students will participate in enrichment clusters: small cross-grade groups that will focus on a variety of interdisciplinary topics with curricular tie-ins.  Students will select their enrichment clusters based on their own interests. Clusters will be facilitated by teachers, administrators, and community members who will guide students toward identifying real questions or problems related to their subject and using investigation and problem-solving activities to create products or services as solutions.

The Caskey Torah Academy Enrichment Cluster program was featured in the Philadelphia Jewish Voice!  See the video below and click here for the full article: Philadelphia Jewish Voice Article.

Discovery Lunches

Enrichment provides opportunities for students to learn and grow beyond the regular curriculum.  In an effort to introduce students to many different subjects, and to help students discover interests and passions outside of the general curriculum, we will be welcoming special guests to our school for Discovery Lunches. Throughout the school year, Caskey Torah Academy students will host parents and community members who will lead optional lunchtime workshops to introduce students to their careers/talents/or skills. Click here to see photos from Discovery Lunches.